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The Bantam One is an Audiophile Quality digital integrated amplifier. Designed and manufactured completely in Manchester, in the North West of England.
Combining the most modern technology with traditional workmanship, the Bantam One is a unique amplifier whose performance and build quality is exemplary.

The Bantam One Amplifier is hand built to your specifications in a variety of different wood and metal finishes, to suit your listening environment.

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"The diminutive Bantam One is a simple yet brilliant integrated amplifier;
It's very nicely finished, performs really well and will match a wide range of typical speakers.
Enjoy the Music

The Bantam One is the ideal centerpiece for the modern home Audio system.
It features 3 line level inputs for your CD Player / DAC / Phonostage. A pair of stereo outputs and a Pre amp output.

The amplifier is finished in a classic combination of wood and polished metal, giving it a solid look and feel that embodies precision engineering and luxury.

Build Quality

  • All gold plated input and output connectors.
  • Precision high tolerance workmanship.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Full Warranty and support.

Audio Performance

  • Superb sound quality.
  • 40W Stereo Output.
  • 90% Efficiency.
  • Compatible with a wide range of speakers.
  • 3 Standard line level inputs.
  • Pre amp output for subwoofer.
  • Optional Remote control.


At the heart of the Bantam One is a pair of our tried and tested high resolution digital monoblocks in a dual mono configuration.

These power amps are built on a 2 layer heavy weight military spec gold plated PCB using only the best components and manufacturing techniques. By making everything ourselves from scratch we maintain a very tight control over the component and build quality.

Power Amp Features:

  • 0.005% distortion
  • 40W RMS Per channel
  • Stable from 3 to 20 ohms.
  • Stable with high or low capacitance cables.
  • High efficiency. Does not get hot.
  • Does not need maintenance
  • Automatic self protection
  • Separate Dual Mono design for reduced crosstalk

These particular boards have the latest 2016 output stage version and they been modified from our standard specification with extra banks of power capacitors to suit the Bantam One.

Our commitment to excellence in build quality is matched by the modern high performance technology we use.
Digital amplifiers dont suffer from crossover distortion, so they excel at reproducing the small details that might get smudged out by conventional class AB amplifiers.

The result is a vibrant clear sound with a natural three dimensional soundstage.

We have invested years of development and refinement to produce the best possible small digital amplifier implementation. Critical areas such as the output stage feature inductors that we wind ourselves using a special grade of ferrite.


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Features | Power Supply | Remote Control Pre Amp | Solid Wooden Front Panel

At Temple Audio we endeavour to go over and above the usual standard in parts quality, build quality and design. The Power supply inside the Bantam One is a perfect example of that approach.

When designing the PSU for the Bantam One we didnt stop with the conventional linear power supply. We have developed a state of the art regulator system to provide clean safe regulated power to to power amplifiers.

The regulator stage itself has some important features. Each of the monoblocks has its own PSU output and each output is double regulated. With this technique one regulator is used in a high power role to absorb the high power transients, leaving a second very high performance regulator to produce the required noise and transient performance.

The power supply in the Bantam One delivers the type of noise performance you would expect in a moving coil phono pre amp yet its powerful enough to power speakers.

A good power supply is key to getting the very best performance out of any digital amplifier. Low noise contributes to a deeper 'black' soundstage. Good transient response and stability preserves clarity during complex music.
With the Bantam One, we have used all our experience and expertise to create the power supply to do our digital monoblock technology justice.

The Bantam One can be ordered in two voltage levels. '100V - 130V' for USA and Japan, or '200V - 260V' for the rest of the world.

The mains connection for a Bantam One uses a high tolerance Gold plated connector. In true audophile fashion every single connector on the Bantam One is gold plated.

The Bantam One comes with a good quality mains cable, we have cables with plugs for most countries available and you can simply choose the plug you want in the showroom as part of the order process.


Our philosophy has always been transparency above all else. Our end goal is to remove the HiFi system from the equation so all you hear is the music as it was first recorded.

The main advantage of a passive pre amp is that the audio signal is completely isolated from the rest of the system. Combined with the independently regulated dual mono power stage it forms a system with exceptional isolation from interference and crosstalk.

The pre amp output on the rear can feed a separate subwoofer or higher power amp in a Bi Amp configuration. Using the Bantam One to power the treble speakers, where quality is most critical.

Input selection is achieved using Japanese sealed relays with gold plated silver contacts to avoid any possible signal degradation.

For volume control we use the Japanese made 'Alps blue velvet' motorised potentiometer. Internal signals are routed with shielded cables and all the signal connections are hand soldered to increase reliability.

The Bantam One has a very simple control via the button on the front panel. The channels are indicated by 3 'pin point' lights discretely positioned next to the button that you see when they are illuminated.

The Bantam one also comes with remote control connectivity via bluetooth. You can pair any android device with bluetooth to the amp and control the volume (by motorised volume pot) and change channels, by using the Temple Audio App.

A matching wireless remote control handset is available for order with the amplifier.

This works just like a traditional handset with buttons to change the channel and the volume. But the range is much longer and it does not need line of sight between the handset and the amplifier to work.


The Bantam One features a brushed aluminium enclosure with a distinctive wooden front panel, which we make in house from high grade white oak or black American walnut. With more wood options coming soon.

These high quality woods are traditionally used for fine cabinetry, clockmaking and musical instruments.

Starting from full planks we select parts of the wood with the most attractive and distinctive figure. The wood is then shaped using CNC machine tools. Finishing is achieved by hand with shellac and a natural wax top finish. This traditional wood finish using natural ingredients gives depth to the grain and a healthy shine. It seals the wood from moisture and protects it without looking like an artificial coating as many modern plastic based varnishes do.

The Bantam One logo is discretely laser engraved in to the bottom left corner of the front panel.

The labeling on the rear is also laser engraved. We use laser engraving throughout because it wont rub off or fade over time. In keeping with the rest of the amplifier it should perform as intended for a lifetime if well looked after.

We turn the control button and volume knob from aircraft grade aluminium. They are then polished manually before being annodised.

All moving parts are made with a tolerance of five hundredths of a millimeter. To ensure perfect fit and function.

At the front the volume knob is supported by a race bearing for long term ultra smooth operation.

Engineering Specifications:

  • Precision CNC turned knobs and switchgear.
  • Machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminium Billet
  • Polished and Annodised
  • Precision CNC machined wood.

If you want to learn more about Temple Audio and our processes see the About Temple Audio page.


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